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Despite being unfinished with the complete website, I am linking up main pages one by one. Check back occassionally to see additional updates.

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9th October 2014
Who would've thought I would have another web page finished!

Granted, it's a really short page and it's only one page.

It's the "Social Networks" page, where I link you guys to my active and semi-active accounts across the Internet1


Check out more updates on the blog!


7th October 2014
1.) Happy birthday to my younger sister!

2.) My blog is finally linked to this splash page! I had to stop trying to make my own layout (at least, for now) in order to get a move on with all the other awesome parts of the blog. You can read about the decision here, if you wish.


What's coming in the future?
Assuming I actually complete the basic stages, what shall be coming is:
- a blog (which has been running all this time, but currently is not laid out how I want it to be)
- a "Creative Works" subsite, focusing on anything that uses my imagination
- a site map
- a "site" page that has extended information about this website
- a "social network" page that basically links to all my social networking pages, including personal and business.

What are you working on now?
Uuuuuh...deciding what to do next. I'm leaning towards the "Creative Works" subsite. I'll update my blog with the progress. You'll know if I've definitely chosen it if the splash page shows up one of these days.

When do expect the website to be completed?
NEVAAAAAAAH. Or as soon as I complete that "coming in the future" list. It's the updates that will NEVAAAAAAAAAH be OVAAAAAH.

Is this similar to what the final website will look like?
No. I plan to have somewhat better looking splash pages...and a logo.