I'm bored, lost, and/or overwhelmed and I don't know where to go. Help me!

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About TKN

TrainerKelly's Network is a small publishing company focused exclusively on original anime-and-manga-inspired works by Kelly Mulry a.k.a. TrainerKelly. These works include, but are not limited to, comics, illustrations, short stories, novels, and blog posts.

The primary aim of TrainerKelly's Network is to inspire people in a positive way — whether it's the slightest sliver of a smile or a majour push to change the world — and to make TrainerKelly happy, because, come on, having the creator of the works be happy always more of a chance to allow others to be happy!

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About TrainerKelly

Hey, you guys, I'm TrainerKelly. I'm also known as Kelly Mulry, among other names. I am a creative by definition (if you look up traits of a creative, I fit most, if not all of them). I have loved to create since I was in 3rd grade and it has never ceased. It gets arguably harder each year not to pursue everything I have ever wanted to be creative in, even when I pick and choose what to work on and create. Creating is my foundation — if I believe I am no longer allowed to create, I no longer live for my foundation seemingly crumbles. I always end up rebuilding it, however. Although, I suppose nowadays, it's getting a lot harder for people to make me feel like I need to crumble. At this point, I'm starting to find it laughable and just outright annoying.

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Convention Schedule

Arisia Con 2017 - January 13-16, 2017

U-Con @ UConn - March 3-5, 2017 (Tentative)

Fubuki Con 2017 - March 18, 2017

ConnectiCon 2017 - July 6-9, 2017


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12 January 2017 - Happy New Year, everybody! How is your 2017 going so far? Mine has felt like I am dragging around a huge weight for the most part, but that entirely has to do with perosnal reasons. Otherwise, I am pretty dang good! Arisia Con is tomorrow and I am fairly excited. I feel like I got nothing done, but a lot of people disagree with me. They like to tell me I've done a lot. I suppose that's the way it always is now though, huh?


I have updated this main page a tiny bit. You may notice there is now a SIGN UP for the NEWSLETTER towards the bottom of the page. If you want once-a-month updates, consider signing up for the newsletter.


I also added two more conventions to the list. I am still waiting to hear back from one of the conventions.


I hope you all are doing well, or, if not, you will be doing better soon!


Have a nice day! Thanks for reading!


1 November 2016 - Hey, everyone! How are you doing today? Thank you SO much for checking out TrainerKelly's Network. Today I present to you BRAND NEW LAYOUTS, including a redone front page! If you never have been on TKN before, then welcome!!! Thank you for stopping by. This website originally featured a few splash images, but I felt like for people who were not accustomed to it, it made the website difficult to navigate. To make up for it, I now present to all of you a brand new, hopefully easier to navigate, website. I placed a lot of the content I thought people would be interested in seeing first and foremost. Check out the links all over this front page. Click the "Random Page" button (if you have javascript enabled). Resize your browser window.


This is my first responsive website, meaning that this website will change shape depending on your screen size. It is all thanks to my comic, Make Me a Model, that I came to the realization my website needed to be mobile-friendly now, rather than later. It has been a rough journey, but I believe it has paid off.


I do apologize for the unforunate lack of content on this website. I have just begun my original works and while I am starting to roll them out across a bunch of social media pages & art communities I particpate in, I have SO much more content to share with you in the future. It will come in time. I know I am often terrible at keeping to my word for things like this, but no. This is different. This is what I want to do with my life and I am more determined than ever to keep with it.


Thank you, again, for checking out TrainerKelly's Network. Your visit is appreciated by me, TrainerKelly. Enjoy my website for what it is and check back every couple of months to see whatever may be new. Visit each subdomain. Bookmark what you like. Check out those pages every-so-often. Explore. Have fun. Good night!

I'm STILL bored, lost, and/or overwhelmed and I don't know where to go. Help me!

(For those who are bored and/or wanderers, may I suggest a random page?)