I know my website has quite a few pages. It can be hard to decide what to check out first. That's why this page is here — to help YOU figure out where to begin your adventure into TrainerKelly's Network!

1.) What are you in the mood to do?
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Answer 1.2: Visit my artwork subsite here.




















Answer 1.3: While I don't have videos actually on the website, visit my YouTube channel here.




















Answer 2.2: You can read my original works here.




















Answer 2.3: You can read my comics here.




















Answer 2.4: You can read my blog here.




















Answer 3.2: You can check out the fanfictions I have available here.




















Answer 4.1: You may want to check out Kelly's Journey, which you can read here. Otherwise, browse my fanfiction list.




















Answer 4.2: Check out my fanfictions here.




















Answer 4.3: Check out my fanfictions here.





















Answer 4.4: Check out my fanfictions here.

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