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2018 January 31

HAPPY NEW YEAR (about 30 days too late)!!! There is a really, really, REALLY minor update: I updated my handles on Instagram and the official TrainerKelly's Network Twitter. Check 'em out!


27 November 2017

Not so much of an update as it is an announcement:

Cyber Monday is upon us! You can get 25% off on your entire purchase by using the code "CYBER25" (without the quotation marks) at checkout. The code is good from today until 11 December 2017. Orders can be shipped internationally. Thank you for your support.




30 October 2017

Wow. TWO updates in a month? WOW! I'm kind of impressed with myself.


Site has been updated with a new layout, among other things. Go check it out for additional details!




28 October 2017

Added a company page for those who need it. It includes policies as well.


Also, removed Patreon from this homepage as I am no longer pursuing using it as a money making platform. It does not fit in with TrainerKelly's Network. The page will still be up for archival and username purposes, but I will no longer be using it. Thank you. (I will be updating the website over the next several weeks to reflect this change.)



About TKN

TrainerKelly's Network is a small publishing company focused exclusively on the original works of Kelly Mulry (TrainerKelly). All works are influenced by Japanese animation (manga) and Japanese comics (manga). The original works include, but are not limited to, comics, illustrations, short stories, novels, and blog posts.


TrainerKelly's Network was officially established by Kelly Mulry in 2015 in order to start focusing on their long terms goals: telling stories, inspiring people in positive ways — no matter how big or how small that way is, and making a living doing so.

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Convention Schedule


No conventions scheduled for 2018. Is there one you think I should attend? Drop me an e-mail at inquiry@trainerkelly.net.


Visit the convention's website here.

About TrainerKelly

Hey, you guys, I'm TrainerKelly. I'm also known as Kelly Mulry, among other names. I am a creative by definition (if you look up traits of a creative, I fit most, if not all of them). I have loved to create since I was in 3rd grade and it has never ceased. It gets arguably harder each year not to pursue everything I have ever wanted to be creative in, even when I pick and choose what to work on and create. Creating is my foundation — if I believe I am no longer allowed to create, I no longer live for my foundation seemingly crumbles. I always end up rebuilding it, however. Although, I suppose nowadays, it's getting a lot harder for people to make me feel like I need to crumble. At this point, I'm starting to find it laughable and just outright annoying.

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